Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you require that I buy prints?

A: Nope. When you hire me to photograph your wedding, portrait, or life event, I see it as you giving me the privilege of entering your life to tell your story. I wouldn’t then hold your story hostage to sell back to you! After I complete my edit, I give you all of your images in high resolution to download and print as you wish. You can take your time reliving every moment of your story and don’t have to worry about the stress of choosing which ones you’d like to buy. I’ll even give you recommendations of my favorite online printers if you’d like. 

Q: Will my images come on a flashdrive?

A: Nope. The law requires that I charge sales tax on physical products that I sell. If I included a flash drive in a photography service package, I would need to charge sales tax on the entire package! In an effort to save you money, I deliver all of my images in an easy zip file download from a password protected gallery on my website.

Q: Will you design an album for me?

A: Absolutely! I love getting to layout your story in a beautiful album. While we live in a digital age that is moving away from print, I believe life’s important stories deserve to be printed. Forty years from now, you won’t want to show your grandchildren your wedding album online. Having me create a tangible, archival quality product for you is the best way to preserve those memories for years to come.

Q: But wait, I thought you said you don’t sell prints?

A: You are not required to buy an album or prints from me. If you’d like to use one of the many online services to create one for yourself, that’s completely cool! But if you would like for me to lend my artistic eye to your album design (and save you the incredible amount of time it takes to sort through all of your photos and design a great album) I would be happy to do so. I use a fantastic local printer who creates beautiful, archival quality products and I layout the albums myself.

Q: Is your blog post included in your package?

A: Yes and no. While I do blog about every one of my clients’ wedding stories, it is not a service that you are paying for. I create blog posts on my own time to not only give you an easy way to showcase your images to your friends and family, but as a space for me to tell my experience of the day and share my favorite images. My clients always enjoy seeing a recap of their day on my blog. I’m sure you will too!

Q: Do you use filters?

A: No. Absolutely not. Never. Every single one of your images gets individual attention. I do not batch process and I do not use filters or presets. While I could save a lot of time at the editing desk by buying a $40 pack of today’s trendy filters on Etsy and slapping them on all of your pictures, I would then be delivering a product that I am not proud of. I’ve honed a unique style over the last decade and I do not want your images or my work to look like anybody else’s. If I used some trendy filters, your story would look like every other wedding shot by anyone this year. I aim for timeless over trendy so that when you show your grandkids that album in 40 years they don’t say “Geez! You really did get married in the teens didn’t you? Woof!”. Instead they’ll see beautiful, emotional images that held the test of time just like your love did. 

Q: How soon can I expect my images?

A: I usually deliver in under a month. I book a limited amount of weddings so that I have the time to give each the attention it deserves while still delivering quickly. I do not offer a “guaranteed delivery in under a month” because there are any number of variables that can affect delivery time. But I pride myself in getting your story to you as quickly as possible. Plus I’ll send sneak peaks while you’re likely still on your honeymoon!

Q: Are you LGBTQ Friendly?

A: Hells yes I am! I will never discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation, race, religion, gender identity or any of the many other ways businesses demonstrate bigotry. Every story deserves to be told beautifully and I welcome my LGBTQ couples with open arms. Love wins!

Q: Why are your rates higher than some other photographers?

A: I am a full-time, self-employed photographer. If I was using photography as supplemental income to a day job, I would be able to charge less. If I was a hobbyist simply taking photos for fun or a fledgling building a portfolio, I would be able to charge less. I give every single one of my couples the attention their day deserves and every single one of their images the attention it deserves. What is included in the rate you see is not just the time I spend on your big day but also the hours of communicating, meeting, and planning that lead up to it and the hours of editing that follow it. You are also getting the peace of mind that your day will be captured beautifully and your story told completely. You will receive all of your images in high resolution with a printing release- a great value that many photographers do not offer. 

Q: Do you always shoot weddings with a second shooter?

A: Yes. Because two sets of eyes are better than one. A wedding story is made up of an incredible amount of moving parts, big giant moments, and tiny little details dancing in between. While I am busy capturing one thing, my second will be capturing something I cannot even see. While I’m with the bride (or groom!) before the wedding, my second is with the groom (or other bride! Or other groom!). While I’m photographing formal family photos,  my second is shooting behind the scenes moments. While I’m capturing the look on your spouse-to-be’s face as you walk down the aisle, my second is capturing your mother crying. And if (knock on wood) something should ever go wrong, I have my second at my side ready to jump in. My seconds always know exactly what I’m looking for.  I choose my second shooters very carefully to make sure that we form a perfect team.

Q: Do you shoot Boudoir?

A: No. I specialize in telling stories. When a couple asks me to photograph their wedding, they are granting me permission to enter their lives and tell the most important story yet, their love story. However, I don’t feel it is necessary to tell the part of their love story that happens in the bedroom. You guys save those moments for just the two of you.  

Q: How about engagement and bridal sessions?

A: Totally!

Q: I don’t know how to pose. Can you help?

A: Definitely! I have experience working with all different shapes and sizes of people and I can help you find poses that are flattering to you. I like to put a couple in a pose and then let them move, talk, and act as naturally as they can so that I can capture genuine moments within the pose.

Q: Can you shoot in the style of this photographer I found on Pinterest?

A: No. While planning an event as massive as a wedding, I think Pinterest can be a very handy tool. If a couple wants to share a Pinterest board with me so that I can see how they envision their wedding, that’s perfectly fine! However, part of what you are paying for when you hire me is my unique eye and artistic vision. I’ve worked hard over the last decade creating a style that is unlike anyone else’s. To stay true to that, I do not mimic the style of other photographers.

Q: Will you recreate this photo I saw online?

A: No. I want your images to be as completely unique as your story is. If you want to put our heads together and come up with a creative concept, I’m all for it! But I do not want to spend our valuable time together trying to recreate another photographer’s work. Chances are, what you are seeing online is a current trend and I aim to create images that are more timeless. Many of the images you see online and on Pinterest are styled shoots that took teams of people and hours of preparation to create (plus the “couple” is actually two models). What we will create together will be real, original, and will stand the test of time.

Q: Do you have other vendors you can recommend?

A: Yep! I work with a number of industry professionals that I will gladly put you in touch with to help make your day the best ever. From Planners and Coordinators; to Makeup and Hair artists; to Florists, Second Line Bands, and Caterers I’ve got you covered.

Q: Do you have a Photo Booth?

A: No. But I partner with a great company who does!

Q: Will you use my images on social media?

A: Most likely, yes. I use Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms  as a means of sharing stories and promoting my work. My couples love to see sneak peeks of their images on social media before they’re delivered; It’s a great way for clients to share images with friends and family who are eager to see wedding photos! If you would prefer your story not be shared on social media or my blog, you have the option to purchase exclusive rights to the images.