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A native of New Orleans, I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. I learned at a young age to embrace my weird and chase my dreams. Through that lens, I’ve worn many hats: costumer, actor, English tutor, barbershop quartet singer, crafter, cellist, rock cellist, retired cellist, fire eater, interstellar bus driver, swing dancer, crazy cat lady, mother of dragons, mother of opossums, unicorn, bartender, fancy bartender, retired bartender, bone collector, bone retailer, sobriety superstar, and Noisician to name a few. But photography has been my tried and true passion for over 13 years.

With a love of story-telling, a keen eye for detail, and a knack for technical precision I tackle weddings with joy and enthusiasm. I pride myself in a timeless style that does not bend to trends. 

I believe photography should be a personalized experience. I consider myself a visual storyteller and seek to tell each story honestly and vibrantly. I have never been able to live a life that wasn’t true to who I was at my core. I want you to feel that your images have that same authenticity.

Repetition is boring. I don’t want to create the same set of images over and over. It’s not fun or challenging for me and it’s not special for you. That’s why I get creative during shoots and give attention in post to every single image. I never batch process or use filters. I know I could save a lot of time if I just used a pre-made filter pack and created images that look like everybody else’s. But I cannot in good conscience deliver something with such little thought or creativity. I’ve dedicated my life’s work to growing within this craft and I want that to be evident in every image I deliver.

I am unapologetically me. So I bring my unique personality to my shoots. I get a little weird. I often sing. I climb things and lay on the ground. I hang off of balconies and bridges and staircases to get that perfect shot. I try to be as fearless in my work as I am in my adventures. I want you to enjoy my shenanigans just as much as I do and walk away with a great experience AND beautiful images.
— Lady Walker