Lindsey, Blake, and Audra: Baby Makes Three

I may focus on Love stories but a true love story does not begin or end with a Wedding (and Weddings are not the only thing I enjoy photographing!). When Lindsey reached out for some  family portraits I was thrilled to tell the continuation of their love story: when baby makes three.

I met Lindsey so long ago I can not even remember when the first time was. Our mutual friends were a family of really rad people I am still proud to call friends after nearly two decades. While we haven’t crossed paths in ages, the wonders of social media kept us in touch and I was able to watch her love story with Blake take shape. I was not only happy to see the two of them again but I was really excited to meet Lindsey and Blake’s toddler, Audra!

Blake is the outdoorsy type through and through so we went with one of my favorite locations, City Park. Instead of using the usual areas of the park filled with Oak tree branches and pavilions, we ventured to spots less-traveled to find more swampy terrain. We also got to romp around in the wild flower fields that pop up every Spring. The setting sun offered up some killer backlight and while Audra was more concerned with picking flowers and running around than taking photos, our mutual friend (and Photography enthusiast) Katherine helped keep Audra’s attention (my light stand steady!).

I adore what we created on that sticky June afternoon. Some of my favorites are what other folks might consider outtakes. But I see them as a true telling of a loving family story. This little family agreed!