Duy and Curt: Anniversary Celebration

At the end of 2016, I advertised free photo sessions for LGBTQ couples. With the uncertainty of the 2017 hanging over our heads, I wanted to make it very clear that I support this community no matter what our decisions America’s government makes for them.  I also wanted to do something that makes people feel good after an election that made a lot of people feel pretty shitty. So I reached out and hoped to find couples who would find joy in a photo session.

Duy found me on Instagram and reached out. He and his husband, Curt, were nearing their 6th wedding anniversary and hadn’t had any professional photos taken together since their wedding. I scrolled through Duy’s IG feed and saw a sweet loving couple who looked like they knew how to have a good time. Of course I was in! I like to shoot in locations that are meaningful to the couples I’m photographing so naturally we used the backdrop of their lower ninth ward neighborhood. I had never shot any portraits in that neighborhood before and loved the idea of exploring it with them.

By the time the shoot was over, we had made fast friends. They were exactly the type of couple I was hoping to find- caring people who give to others so much that they rarely take to time to do nice things for themselves. We not only had a lot of fun working together but I have the feeling we’ll know each other for years to come.