Tatiana and Thomas: Elopement in Algiers Point

It had been a while since I have had the chance to capture an elopement. I really dig the simplicity of a small courthouse ceremony. While I love big weddings with lot of flowers, champagne, and a fancy cake (especially the cake because, let’s be real, we all love the cake), I find that love really has a chance to shine in small ceremonies. Details are fun to capture and make for great photos, but the true meaning of the day sometimes get lost in those details. There was no confusion that Tatiana and Tomas’ day was about their family.

Tatiana and Tomas travelled from Boston to get married in New Orleans. They had never been here before but really identified with the culture and architecture this unique city has to offer. But unlike many couples who choose to elope, they didn’t come alone; they brought their daughter with them as well. She was their ring-bearer, carefully guarding the boxes holding such precious cargo. She seemed a bit reluctant to let me borrow them for a moment to photograph them. And as the excitement and nervous energy swam in the air of the courthouse lobby, it seemed that Samantha was every bit as nervous as her mom and dad.

The ceremony was short and sweet on the courthouse balcony. I teared up as I scrolled through my photos after the ceremony had ended. The raw joy on Tatiana and Tomas’ faces when they could finally kiss as husband and wife sucker-punched the sappy romantic in me right in the heart. It was really touching to see their little family officially joined together.

After the ceremony, Kate and I signed their marriage certificate as witnesses and then we all headed out into New Orleans’ beautiful historic Algiers Point for a portrait session. I was particularly jazzed to shoot in this neighborhood since I used to rat around there as a kid. It was a chilly, windy January day but everyone was a good sport- even little Samantha who I know was freezing. I truly enjoyed working with such a sweet, beautiful family. It is days like theirs that remind me just why I chose to be a New Orleans Wedding Photographer. My work is so fulfilling when I get to tell true love stories.

I am ridiculously in love with this photo set. I’m pretty sure you will be too.